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Hand Crafted Jewellery and Accessories

I sell a range of Hand crafted  Jewellery and Accessories that I have made and they are available to buy hear online.

I started making Hand crafted Jewellery and accessories as a destress from my busy career of 22 years in Event Decorating.  When I retired during the first lockdown in 2020, I realized I was getting good at making pieces. This lead me to think that I had too many for my own use and should try to sell them.  I went to my first craft fair and my Jewellery was accepted well by customers so I will be exhibiting in some more local craft fairs and will update the site as I get booked into them.

All pieces are individually made by me and I try not to make the same item twice.

I like to make Earrings best of all, however I have been making Necklace and Earring Sets recently and they are now making me happy too.  Also I have also made some Bracelets and teamed some of them with Necklaces or Earrings.

My Daughter Claire worked with me in the Event Decorating business that I ran for 22 year.  Since I retired she has set up her own Event Decorating Company and you can purchase some special pieces of mine on her site too.  www.cmaevents.co.uk  

If you would like to suggest some pieces that I can make for you please do get in contact with me using the Contact button

Handcraftedbyangela is not VAT registered and we do not charge Postage & Packing.  The price you see in our shop is the price you pay.

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