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Use our free blank invoice templates – Just find the one that best fits your needs and download it for free in Word, Excel, or PDF. You will be able to customise it and send it in no time. The invoice date indicates the time and date the Supplier officially records the transaction and bills the client. The invoice date is a crucial piece of information, as it dictates the payment due date and credit duration.

These systems will remind you to send an invoice, remind you to track the invoice, and even tell you how much is due from each client. This can cause delays in payments and frustrations from both sides. Invoices also act as tax documents to help you with compliance to tax rules. Personalizing your invoices can also help make a great impression on your businesses’ brand. From inputting your company logo to making style changes with font and color, you can make your business stand out from others by getting creative.

Itemized Breakdown of Services

But there are also some added benefits to ensuring your invoicing process is as timely and organized as it can be. The team extracts key information from the invoice (like payment details, the total amount, and the services/products they’re being charged for). Interim invoices are sent weekly or monthly during a project spanning months or years. It usually applies to lengthy and expensive projects to offer incremental payment to ensure good cash flow. If your client is another company, check in with their financial or accounting department. You probably won’t be sending the invoice to the project’s liaison or manager.

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3 trends that will reshape accounting and finance in 2023.

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So, frequently check-in with clients by either shooting them an email, giving them a quick-call, or even stopping by for a visit. Constant communication is another great way to strengthen the relationship between you and your client. And, when you have that established line-of-communication, you can casually ask the client if they received the invoice. There could have been a possibility that they have been out of town, sick, or accidentally lost the invoice. Select either the quantity of your billable hours or products.

Tip #6: Use a professional-looking invoice

Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or in charge of handling invoices for a large corporation, there are essential components needed to create an invoice. Throughout this guide you’ll discover what exactly an invoice is, how it affects your business, examples of invoices, and tips to help you get paid on time. If outsourcing means your invoices are more accurate, timely, and complete, then you automatically look more professional and together to clients and customers. When you outsource invoice management, you can offload the handling of overdue payments to someone else.


For freelancers, they should bill early and often unless a payment cycle is specified. For small business owners, they may have to be at the mercy of their client’s payment cycle. No one wants to take time away from more pressing matters because they are following up on invoices. You could avoid this by clearly specifying in your invoice when it’s time and what fees will be incurred if the payment is late. Besides including the basics of an invoice — contact information, description of goods/services, cost per item, and total amount due — you want to include the logo of your business. Not only does this illustrate to your clients that you are a professional, it helps with branding since it showcases your brand’s voice.

What you need to know about UK invoicing and VAT

If you and your client have established trust between each other, then you could agree on invoicing them prior to the start of a project. You could also send an invoice after completing a project without asking for a deposit since you know that they will pay immediately after completion. Credit cards are one of the fastest and easiest ways for businesses to accept payments.

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As a legal document, invoices help you get paid on time and keep track of your payment records, whether an invoice has been paid in full, overdue or not paid at all. As a business owner, there’s always the possibility that you’ll have to issue an invoice to your customers. That’s why understanding invoicing is a skill that any working professional should master. Is it by check or electronically through a service like PayPal? If you want to get paid faster, getting paid electronically makes the most sense.

Invoicing Guides and Tips for dummiesing an invoice to the client is not where the buck stops. In fact, in some instances, this is where the actual work begins. You should ensure to follow up on payments with constant but polite reminders. Cluttered invoicing will cause confusion and accounting problems. Although a simple process, invoicing is one of the most vital parts of the business, as it ensures that you get paid for work done. So, instead of going through all of this trouble, use one of our templates below to format your invoice.

What are your invoice and billing tips?

  • Automate Invoicing.
  • Set Payment Terms In Advance.
  • Number Your Invoices.
  • Set Short Payment Terms.
  • Make it Easy for Customers to Pay You.
  • Stay in Communication with Your Clients (And Be Polite)
  • Charge Interest on Late Payments.

Find a good agency that uses means to recover your debt. You’ll have to provide the original signed contract, any quotes, estimates, unpaid invoices, proof of work , and proof of communication. A study on the UK market shows that the average small business is owed £8,500 at any given time, and freelancers a little under £1,000. One in two freelancers have uncollectible unpaid invoices, and one in four freelancers admit to having kept working with bad clients. Profit is the money that remains after deducting business costs and taxes.

Word Invoice Template

If you wait until the end of the month, then you’re giving your client another month to pay you—which may disrupt your cash flow. Although a quote is not an invoice per se, it can be turned into one with a few clicks if you are using invoicing software. The total amount paid is usually the same as the initial quote.

  • It can be a tedious, manual, and error-prone process that can directly impact your bottom line if not done correctly.
  • Invoices are being paid late in 61% of cases, which is why it is essential to…
  • Chapter five tackles the all important topic of getting your invoices paid, with all of our best tips for getting clients to pay on time as well as what to do if they don’t.
  • An invoice serves as a legal document and must contain specific details required for its validity.
  • If you let invoices pile up, or if the process is confusing to your clients, it’s likely your invoices take an excessive amount of time to get settled.

Here are the steps you will need to take when creating an invoice. The total amount due – This is the grand total of all items purchased, plus any taxes or fees. The customer’s name and contact information – Be sure to include the customer’s name, address, phone number, and email address. Basically what this means is that most invoices are being paid on-time. 18% of all invoices are paid for within 24 hours of being sent.

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