Purple Bead Earrings with Silver

About Angela

My name is Angela and welcome to Handcrafted by Angela online.  I have worked in the events industry for over 22 years. During that time, I have successfully helped numerous couples style their weddings. I have now decided to retire and pursue my hobby of jewellery making and crafts.

Since I retired I have been making jewellery in my spare time and during the lockdown there was a lot of spare time! My family and friends have suggested that I start to sell my jewellery and crafts online before we drown in the amount that I have made. So here is my website Handcraftedbyangelaonline and some of the items that I feel I would like to sell. Most of the pieces are a one off but I can repeat if asked.

To help with the creative process I do drink a lot of Tea so I feel I am powered by Tea.

You can buy my pieces direct from this website and some others are also available on eBay – my seller name is angelaaldous – Handcrafted by Angela. I also sell my products at CMAEvents.co.uk which is an event company run by my daughter Claire and is well worth checking out.

Please contact me if you like my jewellery or if you have ideas on what I can make next.